Are you ready to build your daily creative habit and be the artist you want to be–the artist you Must be?

Then The 100 Day Collective is for you!


It's time to bust through your creative blocks and commit to your creativity.

The good news? It can feel good and be fun (and you don't have to do it alone).

That's what The 100 Day Collective is for. It's a 15 week group program for people participating in the 2018 #The100DayProject led by artist and The Crossroads of Should and Must author Elle Luna and writer Lindsay Jean Thomson.

Because a hundred days of making is a marathon, not a sprint: we go farther when we do it together.

You've got boundless creative potential. We'll support you with just the you-can-do-it inspiration and community you need to reach the finish line. Ready?

When you join The 100 Day Collective, you get...

  • Daily inspiration and mentorship from Elle and Lindsay

  • A powerful lineup of guest teachers (including some of our favorite artists)

  • Effective tools for working through your creative blocks so you can stop stalling, start making, and fall back in love with creating

  • Art made with love by Elle! A #The100DayProject calendar, just for members of The Collective, and weekly worksheets designed to keep you focused

  • Built-in accountability buddies via our private online community

  • NEW this year! A limited number of Office Hours with Elle or Lindsay are available as an add-on for one-on-one, highly personalized project support and encouragement

  • A big ol’ party in San Francisco just for members of The Collective to kick things off!

The Collective is already in session for 2018 – we are no longer taking new enrollments. We'd love for you to join us next year! Sign up below to get all the news on the 2019 round of #The100DayProject and Collective. 

About the facilitators

The 100 Day Collective is designed and facilitated by Elle Luna, artist and author of The Crossroads of Should and Must, and writer and Women Catalysts co-founder Lindsay Jean Thomson.

Elle Luna

 Photo by Chase Jarvis.

Photo by Chase Jarvis.

Elle paints, designs, and writes. She previously worked as a designer at IDEO and with teams on apps and websites, including Medium, Mailbox, and Uber. She speaks to groups around the world sharing the story of “The Crossroads of Should and Must,” and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her new book, Your Story Is Your Power, co-authored with Susie Herrick, is due March 2018. Follow Elle on Instagram at instagram.com/elleluna.

Lindsay Jean Thomson


Lindsay is a writer, teacher, and cofounder of Women Catalysts. She's a champion for finding the best in yourself and others. You can find her writing all over internet, most often at VICE about her experience being diagnosed with breast cancer at 33. Follow Lindsay on Instagram at instagram.com/lindsayjeanthomson.



100 days of creativity literally changed my life. As a new mom of two, I was lost and struggling to figure out what I wanted to do next. I’m so glad I decided to participate in 100 days of creativity with Elle and Lindsay. It was exactly what I needed—excitement, support, curiosity, and a reminder that I can choose my own path, I just need to begin...
— Kelly Carambula
Participating in #the100dayproject with The 100 Day Collective was the best creative decision I made in 2017. Not only did it spark my motivation, but connecting with a like-minded tribe and having accountability made the journey fulfilling and worthwhile. The weekly video calls were inspiring and transformed my relationship to my art and myself. Elle and Lindsay have such huge hearts, meet every artist where they’re at, and provide a safe community to explore your creative process. Highly, HIGHLY recommend The 100 Day Collective for anyone desiring to go deeper with their art, and ultimately, themselves.
— Julianne Kanzaki
Participating in #the100dayproject with this group was one of the most impactful experiences of the year. Through the routine and framework of the project, I reawakened creative instincts and reinvigorated my passion and drive for filmmaking and photography. Lindsay and Elle’s weekly guidance and mentorship made a daunting project inviting and achievable, and I learned so much about the creative process, and more importantly my own (seemingly) boundless creative potential. Thank you, Lindsay and Elle! See you again in 2018!
— Jamie Baughman

Frequently Asked Questions


What will I learn in The 100 Day Collective?

So many things! It’s a mix of practical content, like how to:

  • make your project easier and more fun (so you'll actually do it this year)

  • showcase your project at the end of the 100 days

  • brand yourself as an artist and use social media more effectively

And more personal stuff, like…

  • who gets to call themselves an artist? How can I give myself permission to be an artist?
  • what do I do about that voice in my head that says not good enough?
  • what do I do when I run out of ideas and I really, really want to quit and ohgod why did I sign up for this?!
  • how do I find and honor my Must? What's the role of Should?

Do I have to do The 100 Day Collective to do #The100DayProject?

Nope, definitely not. The 100 Day Collective runs alongside the #The100DayProject and is a program to support people who are participating with additional mentorship and a dedicated community. #The100DayProject is a free, global art project that anyone can participate in. More details here – sign up for the newsletter to get weekly prompts and encouragement. Use the hashtag #The100DayProject to share your work on Instagram and find other makers.

What are the benefits of participating?

Mentorship from Elle and Lindsay, including our favorite tools to work through your creative blocks and manage your inner critics. A rad community of creators working alongside you. Learning from amazing guest teachers. And for those of you in the Bay Area (or willing to travel!), a big getting-to-know you celebration in May. Plus, all of the things that you get from doing #The100DayProject: the joy of creating, the sense of accomplishment that comes with self-discipline and working through resistance, honing your creative skills, and so much more. 

Do I have to be an artist to do The 100 Day Collective?

Trick question! We can all be artists. Yeah, really! You don’t have to consider yourself an artist or even particularly creative to participate (we’ll work on that!), you just have to commit to doing #The100DayProject and have a desire to get in touch with your creative side. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of gender, race, sexual identity, religion, location, you name it. You are welcome here. Project originator Michael Bierut says you can do anything for your project, even brushing your teeth every day for 100 days! There are no limits to what your project can be. 

How much does The 100 Day Collective cost?

It’s $499 – that's a little more than $30 a week to commit to your creativity and put your Must in action.

This year we're adding something new and making a limited number of mentorship sessions with Elle and Lindsay available. The Collective plus a one hour mentorship call with either Elle or Lindsay is $899.

Click here for the program plus a 1:1 with Elle or here for the program plus a 1:1 with Lindsay.

Until March 15th, you can take $100 off with the code EARLYBIRD. 

When does it start?

The 100 Day Collective kicks off April 1st – that's just two days before #The100DayProject starts on April 3rd, just in time for you to get set up and motivated for your project to start.

The last day to sign up for The Collective is Sunday, April 15th.

How does it work?

Each Sunday of the program, we'll send you a recording or details for the live call along with additional resources like articles, books, and creative inspiration. The program is pretty evenly split between recordings and live calls. You'll also get a workbook to guide you through that week's topic, daily encouragement in the Facebook group, and the opportunity to sign up for a dedicated accountability buddy.

When are the live calls? Do I have to participate in all of them?

The schedule will vary. We'll let you know well ahead of time so you can plan to join. And we recommend participating live as often as you can to get the most out of it, but if you can’t – no big deal. We’ll record all of the live calls and send them straight to your inbox after.

Where will I connect with other participants in The 100 Day Collective?

Facebook! You'll be part of a private community page to talk about what you're learning, share your process, and give and receive encouragement.

When and where is the kick-off party?

Saturday, May 12th in San Francisco. Facebook is great, but connecting IRL is the best. We're excited to do our party earlier this year so that you can get to know your fellow creatives better.

Who else will be doing The 100 Day Collective?

All kinds of people! Some of them are working artists, some are just starting out, some are in between. Everyone is welcome, regardless of where they are in their creative journey.

What kind of project can I do?

The only limit is your imagination! You could do 100 Days of Lettering. Or disco wallpapers, or...what are you curious about? What lights you up? We’re going to be leading a free Q&A video call for the entire #The100DayProject community on how to pick a project soon – stay tuned and join us!

Other questions? 

Email us here and we’ll get back to you soon.